Actions for players:

- When you create a character, you get 1000 AP and 10000 Honor
- Long-playing action.
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Change Realmlist!

Those who have problems with access to the server - you need to change realmlist: set realmlist

20.08.2015 | Aleksrims

Change the game world (Rev. 625)

- It was made a change of location for the duel zone. Following a vote was chosen Mulgore.
- Added a new bonus system for Warsong - "Illidan must always exist" (On one of the players added morph Illidan, the player who would kill him given an increased amount of Honor and tokens and morphs goes to him).
- Fixed problems with diminishing returns at [Initimidating Shout] and maybe some other spells.
- Fixed spell [Gift of the Naaru] (no longer Scaling from bonus healing).
- It is the right of non-combat pets dismiss the second use of items / spells.
- Fixed a bug with the Conjured items (Mage and Warlock).
- Fixed enchantment Bows / Crossbows through NPC Enchanter.
- Added enchant [Icy Chill].
- Improved system of duels (by Eskmio).
- Updated NPC Helper (by Eskmio)
- Made endless ALL elixirs, potions, flasks, scrolls, food / drink, drums (Also Flask of Petrification)

25.06.2015 | Aleksrims

Change the game world (Rev. 616)

- Make available to both factions following mounts: Cats, Rams, Horses (Alliance), Kodo, Wolves, Raptors.
- Many types of mounts was paid or changed their price (There will be a partial compensation of coins in the personal cabinet).
- Added a new mount: Headless Horseman's Mount.
- Returned to the ability to change items before the fight in the arena.
- Fix Fire Nova Totem (now properly deals damage).
- Fixed Warlords sets in NPC Transmogrificator

23.04.2015 | Aleksrims

Change the game world (Rev. 612)

- Added a new NPC TOP - there are Top 20 on Kills and Time in the game. (By Flywithme)
- Added a new NPC Helper - it contains the answers to the basic questions that may arise from the players at the start. (By Eskmio)
- Fix Power Word: Shield (now debuff does not disappear during the second overlaying)
- Fix the range of the spell (now can't continue to cast spells if the opponent is already out of range).
- Fix the possibility of withdrawing from passive buff spells right click.
- Fix the possibility of wearing the flag while mounted on the Eye of the Storm.
- Fix possible to get out of the gate at BG before the battle start.

01.03.2015 | Aleksrims

Change the game world (Rev. 606)

- Fix Seal Twisting (works correctly replacing seals)
- Fix talent Vengeance (now proc on crit SoC)
- Fix talent Clever Traps (now works with all the traps)
- Fix talent Entrapment (now works with all the traps)
- Improved NPC Exchange - now exchange will be much faster.
- Improved anti-spam system

15.02.2015 | Aleksrims

Change the game world (Rev. 595)

- Updated all vendors on the server. Now they are much smaller and more convenient sorting.
- There is a new Farm Zone in Feralas.
- Added registrar BG Alterac Valley. Available 3 times a day for an hour.
- Removed the quest NPC exchanger Marks BG.
- In Exchange NPC added a separate item for the exchange of Marks BG. And remove the item to change the nickname.
- In the NPC Change Race / Barber reduced prices change appearance / gender (10/50 Frostfan Symbol). And item was added to change the nickname.
- Fixed two reasons for the crashf the server.
- Fixed a bug with the change of the Home location when changing Races.
- Partially corrected talent Clever Traps: the duration of the Frost Trap correctly increases.

01.02.2015 | Aleksrims

Change the game world (Rev. 590)

- Removed all Arena Title of the player (preparation for Arena Season)
- Added a new NPC to Change the Appearance and Race (to the teleporter: NPC Change Race / Barber)
- Added General Trainer for all classes
- Added a General Duel zone for Horde and Alliance (to the teleporter: Duel Zone)
- Fix Piercing Howl (now break of stealth)
- Fix Shadow Side (now break of stealth)
- Fix Track Humanoids (Automatic activation when logging in cat form)
- Fix Nature's Guardian (now heal the works)
- Fix Divine Shield (now does not pass reverse damage from Blessing of Sacrifice)
- Added diminishing returns to Frost Nova, Intimidation, Turn Evil
- Fix work relics of the shaman (Totem of Ancestral Guidance, Totem of the Storm, Totem of the Void)
- Fix Blackout (now triggered by Shadow Word: Death and Mind Flay)

23.01.2015 | Aleksrims

Cleaning the database characters!

Dear players!
July 15, 2014 will be cleaning the database characters.
Will remove all characters that are not included in the game more than 100 days, while having a total time of less than 3 hours.
If you want to keep your characters, you only need to enter them in the game until that time, so it was not removed. Thank you for your attention and we have nice game!

09.07.2014 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Arena Spectator.
- Fix Benediction.
- Fix Empowered Healing.
- Fix Aegis of Preservation.
- Fix Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost.
- Fix Seal Fate. (by Evrial)
- Fix Blackout. (by Evrial)

31.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Mage Elemental Freeze. (by Evrial)
- Fix Charge/Intercept stun. (by Evrial)
- Fix Holy Shoсk in duel. (by Evrial)

24.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Added new npc - Teleporter.
- Added new npc - Enchanter.
- Added Arena Spectator. (patch by Evrial)
- Added new npc - Lottery.
- Added exchange 150 Frostfan Symbol on 1 Frostik's.
- Fix InnerFire absorb. (by Evrial)
- Fix Seal of Command sdp bonus. (by Evrial)
- Fix Impale - normal damage. (by Evrial)
- Fix Freedom. (by Evrial)
- Fix Polimorph HP Regen. (by Evrial)
- Fix Nature's Grace. (by Evrial)
- Фикс SoulLink и доты (fix by Evrial)

17.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Combustion talent. (by Evrial)
- Fix Seduction. (by Evrial)
- Fix Spell Reflect. (by Evrial)

09.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Resilience. (by Evrial)
- Added passive Anticheat. (patch by Evrial)
- Fix Blind, Intercept Stun - normal delay. (by Evrial)
- Fix Sweeping Strikes - normal damage. (by Evrial)

07.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Sword Specialization
- Fix Mace Specialization
- Fix Stormherald
- Fix Band of the Eternal Champion
- Fix Blackened Naaru Sliver
- Fix Tsunami Talisman
- Fix Rod of the Sun King

20.11.2012 | Aleksrims

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