Actions for players:

- When you create a character, you get 1000 AP and 10000 Honor
- Long-playing action.
More details Here.

Cleaning the database characters!

Dear players!
July 15, 2014 will be cleaning the database characters.
Will remove all characters that are not included in the game more than 100 days, while having a total time of less than 3 hours.
If you want to keep your characters, you only need to enter them in the game until that time, so it was not removed. Thank you for your attention and we have nice game!

09.07.2014 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Arena Spectator.
- Fix Benediction.
- Fix Empowered Healing.
- Fix Aegis of Preservation.
- Fix Enchant Weapon - Deathfrost.
- Fix Seal Fate. (by Evrial)
- Fix Blackout. (by Evrial)

31.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Mage Elemental Freeze. (by Evrial)
- Fix Charge/Intercept stun. (by Evrial)
- Fix Holy Shoсk in duel. (by Evrial)

24.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Added new npc - Teleporter.
- Added new npc - Enchanter.
- Added Arena Spectator. (patch by Evrial)
- Added new npc - Lottery.
- Added exchange 150 Frostfan Symbol on 1 Frostik's.
- Fix InnerFire absorb. (by Evrial)
- Fix Seal of Command sdp bonus. (by Evrial)
- Fix Impale - normal damage. (by Evrial)
- Fix Freedom. (by Evrial)
- Fix Polimorph HP Regen. (by Evrial)
- Fix Nature's Grace. (by Evrial)
- Фикс SoulLink и доты (fix by Evrial)

17.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Combustion talent. (by Evrial)
- Fix Seduction. (by Evrial)
- Fix Spell Reflect. (by Evrial)

09.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Resilience. (by Evrial)
- Added passive Anticheat. (patch by Evrial)
- Fix Blind, Intercept Stun - normal delay. (by Evrial)
- Fix Sweeping Strikes - normal damage. (by Evrial)

07.03.2013 | Aleksrims

Changes in the game world

- Fix Sword Specialization
- Fix Mace Specialization
- Fix Stormherald
- Fix Band of the Eternal Champion
- Fix Blackened Naaru Sliver
- Fix Tsunami Talisman
- Fix Rod of the Sun King

20.11.2012 | Aleksrims

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